Baseball for Dummies

Baseball for Dummies

Baseball is the dominant sport in the United States, a very popular sport in countries such as Canada, Japan and Caribbean nations. This sport, as many will believe, is not a simple “hit the ball”, it is a game with strategy, rules and skill. Let’s start with knowing some basic notions of this internationally recognized sport.

Baseball Field

Baseball is played in a diamond-shaped field that has an inside and an outside. The inner part is called infield, the infield consists of 4 bases each in a determining part of the inner diamond (First base, second base, third base and home). In addition to these bases is the area where the pitcher is located. The outside of the field is called outfield and is divided into three: right field, central field and left field.


Baseball is played with 9 players in defense and with nine in attack, although depending on the league there may be a 10 player on the attack that we will call the designated hitter. The positions in this game are: pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder.

The Game

A total of 9 innings is played in attack and defense. The winning team is the one that manages to have a greater number of races and there are different ways to achieve them. Hitting hits and running bases or taking the ball out of the field, which means a Home Run (an instant career). Those who are in defense will try to avoid at all costs that something like this happens, so the role of the pitcher is essential. To stop the attack the defense have to get 3 outs.

The turn at bat: When a player prepares to hit, he has several opportunities to do so before he is out. What all batters are looking for is to give a hit or a Home Run, while the defense seeks to strike it out or make it out in a play. For a pitcher to make a hitter out, he must make the ball fail a total of 3 times, as long as he is in the correct zone. If the throws are outside the batting area they will be called as balls, if a player receives 4 balls he will be able to advance a base automatically.

Currently there are many baseball leagues around the world but the most popular, important and highly competitive is the Major League Baseball (MLB), considered the best league in the world and where only the best players compete. Of course the salary of a professional baseball player in this league is millions of dollars.